Before you Advertise, Call a Marketing Consultant

by Dawn Rozzo
Staff Writer

WAKE FOREST, NC — Have you ever wondered how much time the average American spends online every month? 32 hours! How many of them are your potential customers? Are they interested in your products or services? The chances are that quite a few of them. Today’s customers access the web for almost all of their want-to-know information. How that information is acquired is a constantly changing mix of search engine responses, access through apps, web surfing, and social media.

Web Badger, an on-line advertising service in Wake Forest, NC, daily checks the pulse of a constantly changing web landscape. They work to unravel the complexity of the Internet to attract customers and generate revenue for their clients.  As marketing consultants,they have been helping businesses grow their online presence for the past four years. Their proven track record translates online presence into real business growth with an exceptionally personal touch. Brenda of A-1 Lock & Safe of NC in Durham, North Carolina states, “I do business with Web Badger because they are local. When we call them, they call back and come to see us. No one else does that. And that is what we want.”

One employee of Web Badger explains his services as a marketing consultant this way: “When I take my car to a trusted mechanic, I may not understand all the aspects of fixing the car, but I do understand that I have a problem that needs to be fixed. I want the car running quickly at a fair price. My clients at Web badger trust me to handle the various aspects of their online advertising in the same way.”

He breaks it down into three simple steps:

  1. A free assessment of your business needs
  2. Tailored recommendations which fit your needs and budget and
  3. Creating an online presence which includes real-time tracking and reporting with a performance guarantee.

In addition, Web Badger facilitates local writers groups in Greensboro and Raleigh, North Carolina.  “I recognize that everyone wants to be heard. I want to enable emerging writers to be heard in ways they haven’t before,” continued the same employee. Whether you are an author or a small business owner, being heard is what drives the services of Web Badger.