Have you ever come across a website that makes you cringe? We have. Sometimes it is the color scheme, the fonts, the tabs, the images, or worse—it is the content! If you want to avoid marketing disasters such as incompatible colors, unreadable fonts or tabs, unappealing stock photos and content—Burlington, NC Web Design may be right for you.

Note, marketing disasters typically occur when a business does not include a strong internet marketing strategy.

We have experts that can help you design a website that reflects everything your business has to offer. When a potential customer lands on your home page, for instance, they will feel welcome by information, and not overwhelmed by it. If they want to learn more about the company, we might create an “About” page where you can display your experience and expertise. Likewise, if you want a page for each of your different services, that can be arranged, too! With Burlington, NC Web Design in mind, we work with major templates like Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress and Magento to build a website that makes you proud.

Visualize what you want your website to look like, or observe the website you already have. What “works” on your webpage? Is it your logo? Your tabs? What does not work? Is it the font? The content? Wherever you are in the design process Web Badger can literally meet you there. We have a local office that provide Raleigh web design and Burlington, NC marketing.

Still wondering if your website needs an upgrade? Here is a general list of marketing practices you might want to avoid.

  1. Overselling: It is no secret you have services or products you want to sell. Still, that does not mean that every page has to have a flashing “Buy me!” sign.
  1. Paying Fans: It might sound absurd, but it is a reality. At Web Badger, you earn fans without having to pay them. Ask us how!
  1. No Graphics: Most people expect graphics when they receive a presentation of information. You can spruce up your web design by choosing simple but familiar images that capture the theme of your business, or your focus.
  1. Wrong Persona: Word of mouth continues to help businesses reach new customers. If you have the wrong persona on social media, your business information may not be passed along to others. On the subject of social media, remember to share, like, and post comments that people put on your page. Need social media support? Web Badger offers services there, too.
  1. Oversharing: Some webpages consist of links to other webpages, and that is all. Yours can have more with Burlington, NC Web Design.

In case you have practiced one or more of the items on our list, stay tuned for our article on “Creating a Website that Makes Money.” There you will find a list of techniques to help you redesign your ideal website. With us, you can find help with your web design, internet marketing, marketing, internet advertising, advertising, web marketing, and web advertising.  Or, if you need immediate help, call today for a free consultation!