So, your business has a website. It appears to have everything a normal website should have, even a page for your blogs. There is just one problem: your website still earns little to no money. If you read our article “Blog Like an Aristotelian” and you followed as many of the 9 Universal Intellectual Standards as you could, you are already on the right track to growing your business. Here is how Burlington, NC Web Design can take your website further!

We have done the research for you by compiling several web design sources on tips and techniques that are simple, straightforward, and easy to use. There are three categories: visual design, SEO design, and technical design. When you overlap any of these techniques, you are bound to have a website with features that make you glow with pride. Web Badger offers Burlington, NC Web Design and Raleigh Web Design, because we know the hard work that goes into a website.

If you want a website that is sure to make money, we invite you to check-out our list below:

Visual Design — Visual design encompasses images, symbols, graphs, shapes, and more, which you can use to integrate important information. Some examples are logos, banners, and infographics. The more familiar they are, the more effective they will be when they reach potential customers. Think of how you recognize popular brand names like Apple, Domino’s, or Facebook. Do you immediately think of their logo?

That is the kind of effect you want your visual design to have when it appears on your website or social media.

SEO Design — Search engine optimization refers to your ranking on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. When people Google Search a keyword phrase such as “Durham attorney,” for instance, they likely click the first website Google gives them. You improve your SEO in a variety of ways (ex: press coverages, social shares, exposures and links, and click-through-rates).

With Web Badger, we work to ensure your ranking rises as close to #1 as possible.

Technical Design — HTML, CSS, SVG, WOFF, XML, and APIs refer to cornerstones of technical design. When flip phones became flat and curved, it was the result of technical design. When an ‘App’ is updated on your electronic device, it is the result of technical design. With regard to websites, these cornerstones provide your website the platform it needs to run various software. W3C list several standards to keep up technical design.

All told, remembering to consider these categories of thought will assist you in creating a website that makes money. Thankfully, Web Badger assists in every aspect. We offer web design, internet marketing, marketing, internet advertising, advertising, web marketing, and web advertising.

Call today for your free consultation to see how Web Badger can assist you, too!