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A strong web presence doesn’t have to cost a fortune; Web Badger has packages starting at $250 a month.

Why Web Badger Was Started

America’s small businesses need a partner that works as hard to generate business for them as they work for their customers. Just because a business owner may not understand the ins and outs of internet advertising doesn’t mean they should be left out of the conversation or intimidated by the process.

What We Believe

Web Badger believes that small business deserves a professional and affordable web advertising and marketing option. One that provides clients with easy to understand options without all of the technical jargon. You have a business to run and that probably doesn't include taking years to become a digital marketing expert. With these things in mind, we created our Web Advertising System.

The Web Badger Web Advertising System

Web Badger is a complete solution. We combine all of the elements of a successful online advertising and marketing campaign into one easy to understand package for your business. One Bill, One Report, Unbelievable results.

In Depth Interview

A Web Badger representative will sit down with you and ask what your ideal client looks like, what geographic area you are targeting, and what product or service you represent. With that information the representative will build a custom proposal with your business in mind.

Custom Proposal

Your custom proposal will be tailored to your business's customers, geographic area, goals, and budget. Each one of our clients receives this personal attention to detail to create a plan that can include web development, SEO, blogging, social media management, reputation management, and more. It's this attention to detail for each one of our clients that makes our solution the best on the market for small to medium sized businesses.

Quarterly Reviews

A founding principle of Web Badger was the quarterly review. We believe that complete transparency with our clients leads to stronger relationships and greater results. Once per quarter your personal representative will present you with a performance report for all of the marketing initiatives we pursued. Your representative will discuss the specifics of the report in down to earth terms and present actionable ideas to continue improving every quarter.

Opportunity Assessment

Gathering information about all of the marketing activities we perform allows us to study your business and come up with new ideas to increase your results. Your personal representative will present you with opportunities throughout your relationship to improve your marketing and grow your business faster than ever. It's like having your own marketing department.

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